How to signup?

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Step 1:

Load in the browser.

You will be directed to the home page.

In the home page menu, click on the SIGN UP button.

Profit Home page

You will be then directed to the signup page.

Profit Signup Page

In the signup form enter your details to create your Profit account. Let’s say Roger Smith the CEO of Saaszilla Corporation Inc wants to create new Profit account.

To create your profit account,

  • Enter the First Name - Roger.
  • Enter the Last Name - Smith.
  • Enter the Email Address -
  • Enter the Password - **********
  • Re-enter the password in Confirm Password - ***********

Click on the Sign-Up button.

Roger Smith Signup form

You will be directed to your business information page.

Step 2:

Business Details Form

  • Enter What is your business name? - Saaszilla Corporation Inc.
  • Enter Where is your business located? - United States
  • Enter your business phone number in What is your business phone number? field - xxxxxxxxxx
  • Enter the time zone you belong to in What is your timezone? field - (GMT -8.0) Pacific Time - America/Los_Angeles
  • Enter the Number of Users in #of Users Field - 50

Saaszilla Inc business details form

Click Get Started.

Now, your Profit account as Roger Smith will be created. You can also use your existing Google, Microsoft and Slack accounts to signup with

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