How to signup?

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In order to use account, you need to sign up first. Signing up for your user account is the most important part of getting started with software. follows simple steps that get you started instantly.

Why this feature?

Only when you sign up can you access your account, so make sure you fill up your business details accurately.

Step 1:

Click on the url to navigate to the homepage.

In the home page menu, click on the Sign In button.

Sign In

You will be then directed to the signup page.

sign up

In the signup form enter your details to create your Profit account. Let’s say Roger Smith the CEO of Saaszilla Corporation Inc wants to create new Profit account.

To create your profit account,

  • Enter the First Name - Roger.
  • Enter the Last Name - Smith.
  • Enter the Email Address - rsmith@********
  • Enter the Password - **********
  • Re-enter the password in Confirm Password - ***********

Once you fill in the details, Click on the Sign Up button.

Sign Up Page

Step 2:

Once you click Sign Up, You will be directed to your business information page.

  • Enter What is your business name? - Saaszilla Corporation Inc.
  • Enter Where is your business located? - France
  • Enter your business phone number in What is your business phone number? field - xxxxxxxxxx
  • Enter the time zone you belong to in What is your timezone? field - (GMT +1.0) Atlantic Standard Time- Europe/Paris
  • Enter the Number of Users in #of Users Field - 100

Click Get Started.

Now, your account as Roger Smith will be created. You can also use your existing Google, Microsoft and Slack, office 365 accounts to signup with

Get Started

Step 3

The account is created successfully.

account created

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