How Adopting Multiple Perspectives Gives You an Edge in Business
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When most individuals look at a problem, they tend to think of it from their own perspective. And not everybody is qualified to have a perspective or opinion on every issue. Perspectives are commonly ideologically and emotionally rooted and shaped by values, culture, their present state of mind, and any assumptions they use to derive… Read more »

The Four PS of Marketing: Price
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Price pertains to how much consumers are willing to pay for a product or service. This is often determined through surveys, interviews, focus groups, or by looking at comparable products or services already available to the market. Marketers need to connect a product’s perceived value with what customers will realistically pay for it. Considerations must… Read more »

Importance of Prioritization in Business
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Prioritization is generally an invaluable skill to have in life, the benefits of setting priorities on tasks are immense. Changes in productivity can be noticed almost immediately after deciding and actually prioritizing. Priorities are set based on what you want to achieve or the goals you have set for yourself or your business. Prioritizing is… Read more »

How to Prove the Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)
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In business, every dollar counts and this also applies in marketing. You must be able to measure the value of each and every dollar spent on the marketing campaign. Whatever marketing campaign or process you choose; you must get value for the money used. If you are unable to measure the value of the money… Read more »

How to Stay Motivated as a Salesperson
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A sales job or role is not an easy job. You have to deal with other people who have their own issues and you must understand them and still make sales. This is irrespective of how you are feeling individually or the challenges you are facing. That said, staying motivated is one of the biggest… Read more »

How to Target the Right Market and Drive Traffic?
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The biggest problem that a huge number of marketing professionals face is awareness or lack of traffic. In marketing, there is usually the product launch, an integrated marketing campaign or an event to create awareness of the product. But before you get to the point of implementation, it is essential to figure out the right… Read more »

The Four Ps of Marketing: Product
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Philip Kotler is considered the father of modern marketing and is largely credited with the development of marketing as an academic discipline. The four Ps of marketing include product, price, place, and promotion. This article will consider the product and is the first in this series. A product is a good or service that a… Read more »

Understanding Gross Profit, Operating Profit, and Net Profit
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As a business executive, you have a wide range of tasks on your plate. Whether it is handling an employee conflict, reviewing your marketing strategy or overseeing the launch of a new product, you have many things to do and little time to do them. We are all busy. Having said all of this, every… Read more »

The Four Ps of Marketing: Promotion
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Promotion refers to advertising, sales marketing and promotional strategy, and public relations. For this reason, it is also the most prominent part of the marketing mix. Promotion connects with the other parts of the marketing mix by making prospective customers aware of a product in the channels they inhabit, why they need said product, and… Read more »