How to Target the Right Market and Drive Traffic?

The biggest problem that a huge number of marketing professionals face is awareness or lack of traffic. In marketing, there is usually the product launch, an integrated marketing campaign or an event to create awareness of the product. But before you get to the point of implementation, it is essential to figure out the right demographic. For you to attract traffic and even make sales you must get the attention of the right audience and grab the attention of potential buyers and even get them interested in your product or service. Some marketers face the problem of not getting a good volume of interested prospects and some do not even know which channels to focus their attention on to get the highest return.

W. Edwards Deming

If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing.


1. Advertising a product or a service to people who do not need it

Failure to know your target audience or demographic might lead to marketing a product to the wrong audience. You must know the kind of demographic you want to market your product or service to. Is your market comprised of youngsters, young adults, mature people, women, men or children? These are some of the things you need to factor in before starting a marketing campaign.

2. Using the wrong channel to market your product

To ensure that your marketing message reaches your target audience you need to know the best communication channel to use. There are various ways to market a product, you can use media, a marking event, promotions and so on. It is your duty as a marketer to find out the most suitable mode of marketing to use. You need to identify a marketing channel that will get a lot of traffic and grab the attention of your target audience.

3. Using the wrong type of message on a particular demographic

When you know the right demographic, you will know the type of message to use to grab their attention. You cannot use certain words to advertise your product to children and the same applies to the old or mature people. Research on the type of demographic that makes up your target market then come up with the right message to use in your marketing campaign.

Playbooks to fix this problem

1. Implement a proper campaign planning process

You need to identify the target audience and understand who is your customer. Understand who your customer is and their need for your product. You must identify the problem they are having and how your product or service is going to solve that particular problem.

2. Know the size of your market

You need to understand the potential size of your target audience. You need to understand the revenue potential of that particular market.

3. Understand the demographics

You need to understand the demographics of your target market, you need to know the age, education level, jobs, income potential and so on.

3. Identify attitudes and buying patterns of the market

You must identify the attitudes and behavior patterns of your target market. You need to also understand how the market is currently segmented. This will enable you to know how to reach your target audience.

Once you have identified and known your target market and demographics, you will be able to know how to get your marketing message across and drive traffic to your product or business.