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The Future of Employee Engagement: From HR to the Executive Suite

Sep 15, 2021 | 9AM – 10AM PT
Guest Speaker: Betsy Summers, Forrester

The future of work is all about managing employees on outcomes rather than on output/activity. Engaged Employees can be the ultimate competitive differentiator. Employee Engagement needs to move from a set of activities orchestrated by HR to being weaved into the very fabric of business – into the core business processes.

In this webinar we speak to Betsy Summers , Principal Analyst from Forrester on The Future of Employee Engagement : From HR to the Executive Suite

Winning organizations are using Goal and execution management frameworks like OKRs to build engaged teams that collaborate from planning to execution with focus and alignment. These organizations achieve stretch goals consistently while the employees feel invested in their companies, inspired by the organization mission, bringing their best everyday and learning continuously.

Why Watch?

  • To understand how Employee engagement is not just a HR function alone any more, but a core executive priority
  • To learn the benefits of building Employee Engagement into core business processes using the OKR goal management and execution framework
  • To appreciate the role of technology in improving everyday employee engagement
  • How a successful employee engagement strategy can elevate your execution
  • Have a chance to ask our consultants and Forrester analysts your questions on using employee engagement to dramatically improve your execution and achieve your moonshots

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Guest Speaker

Betsy Summers

Principal Analyst, Future of Work

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