The Future of Employee Engagement:
From HR to the Executive Suite

Check out this webinar featuring Betsy Summers, Principal Analyst @ Forrester. She explores how people management has developed over the course of remote work, and why companies need to prioritize engagement now more than ever.

What does engagement mean in 2021?

  • Engagement is a precise, scientifically validated measure of 3 things: vigor, dedication, and absorption.
  • Engaged workers generate 81% higher customer satisfaction. High employee engagement can cut employee turnover in half.

How are employee engagement and performance connected?

  • Typical performance management isn’t always conducive to engaging employees or satisfying their desire for feedback and connectivity.
  • Only 14% of employees agree that the performance reviews they receive inspire them to improve.

What should performance management look like?

  • Performance reviews should address a company’s common purpose, use tangible metrics, and be continuous and transparent.
  • Continuous performance development can augment the traditional approach to performance management to better engage employees.

How can OKRs transform your organization?

  • OKRs can change the way companies engage with employees, and the way that employees engage with their work.
  • OKRs directly improve the top ten employee engagement predictors and cultivate an environment conducive to productivity.

How do companies build successful OKR programs?

  • Companies should unite their organization under their most important goals and take actionable steps to implement their ideas.
  • OKRs can help bring more structure to the organization so employees can get more frequent feedback, making the performance review process easier.

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“Performance reviews & OKRs made easy”

“I like the performance features in the Profit software. The performance reviews are really easy to customize and initiate, and the different reports available for collecting the data display the information in a useful way.”


Sailaxmi A

Technical Recruiter

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“Great support is what we need”

The platform itself is very easy to maneuver and has many off the shelf templates for the type of key result you choose. There is also a LOT of information regarding OKRs in University which I have referred to often. I have also created emails with “how to” links for users to complete upcoming tasks – great resources.

Lastly, I am very pleased with the level of customer service before, during, and after implementation of OKRs.


Noemi O.

Implementation Manager

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“Great software with super responsive support”

“The software is user friendly,easy to set up.and adjust. The team is constantly working on customizing the soft to meet our expectations. The tool seemed very user friendly, the price was affordable,the support very helpful.”


Liana A.

Operations Manager

Source: capterra-in

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