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OKR Certification Programs’s Iterate Faster OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Coaching & Certification programs are designed to provide individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively implement and manage OKRs. These programs typically offer training, workshops, and assessments to help participants understand and gain expertise in OKR methodology and implementation.


Benefits of OKR Coaching & Certification Programs


Individuals who complete the coaching and corresponding certifications will be equipped to implement the OKR program in their organizations, yielding the following benefits:

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Who should enroll in this program?’s Iterate Faster OKR Coaching & Certification programs cater to various user personas seeking to implement and manage OKRs effectively for strategy execution. It is beneficial for the individuals with the following roles who wish to equip themselves with valuable skills, knowledge, tools to drive their personal and professional growth.


and Leaders


Human Resource


Project and
Program Managers




and Coaches



OKR Certifications

OKR Program for Associates

A basic program for the associates to build a foundation on the concepts of OKRs and learn the best practices to write high quality OKRs.

3 Hours

OKR Program for Professionals

A comprehensive program that provides deep knowledge about OKRs with advanced concepts that helps the program sponsor to govern the OKR program implementation and drive the strategic alignment.

6 Hours

OKR Program for Champions

A curated program for the program managers to drive the OKR implementation, planning, execution and foster a culture of goal-oriented excellence.

9 Hours

OKR Program for Product Managers

A customized program to equip Product Manager with the skills and knowledge to effectively implement OKRs along with any agile framework by aligning Product Strategies with OKRs.

6 Hours

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