Sharpe Ratio

| Category: Financial.

This is an investment measurement and is used to calculate an investment’s average return beyond the risk-free rate of volatility per unit. Basically, the Sharpe ratio is used to determine the return of a certain investment, which is also adjusted for the investment’s riskiness. This ratio is very important for investors, as they will have… Read more

Asset coverage ratio

| Category: Financial.

This article covers the far-reaching topic of the asset coverage ratio. We’re talking about a risk measurement whose aim is to calculate a company’s capability of repaying its debt, by selling its existing assets. So, thanks to this ratio, investors can determine how many assets are necessary for paying down any existing debt obligations. As… Read more

Build Time

| Category: Engineering.

When you work in a company, handling the processes your team is involved in can be a real struggle – especially when it comes to time and deadlines. You want every process to stay stable and healthy. You want to have a birds’ eye view over all the projects, in order to make sure your… Read more

Average replies per ticket

| Category: Customer Support.

Working in customer support is tough. You get to deal with a lot of clients, and sometimes the target of their frustrations is you. Sometimes, you will have to resolve customer requests, because it can be very important for the satisfaction of the customer. That being said, did you know that you can calculate the… Read more

Account Summary

| Category: Customer Support.

Moving on, when it comes to account summary, this usually refers to the way in which a customer service agent deals with a customer. Evidently, there aren’t any individual industry standards for monitoring this. Nevertheless, there are still some elements that are usually taken into account by most staff members, as benchmarks for the way… Read more

Average customer satisfaction score (Average CSAT Score)

| Category: Customer Support.

It’s no surprise that the customer’s happiness and satisfaction should be a company’s main concern. The customer is the one helping it grow, thus making sure he/she feels valued and received the best items and service is the case all the time. If the experience is, however, a bad one, that could tarnish the image… Read more

Average time to find a hire

| Category: Financial.

In today’s post, we will focus our attention on one of the most important and relevant recruiting metrics – namely the average time to find a hire. Business owners, recruiters, and entrepreneurs depend on this data as it points actionable insights. It’s as simple as this: the purpose of these recruiting metrics is to answer… Read more

Average time to fill a job vacancy

| Category: HR.

When your company is left with an open position it is basically understaffed – this also means that your company probably has some of its operations disrupted or canceled, which in turn means that you can lose money just because of a vacant job position. This is where the Average Time to Fill a Job… Read more

Average Tenure

| Category: HR.

When an employee is satisfied with a company, they will remain with it until the end – or at least, until they find a better opportunity. On the other hand, if an employee is dissatisfied with their experience within a certain company, they will try their best to leave as soon as possible – ending,… Read more

Benefits Satisfaction

| Category: HR.

The benefits – the very first thing a potential employee asks about. Now, of course, any employee can grow to be dissatisfied with his benefits, either because a different company offers better ones or because these are of little to no actual help. Subsequently, assessing the Benefits Satisfaction in your company from time to time… Read more