Engineering KPIs

Engineering departments have many projects and processes they must keep track of in order for an organization to run smoothly and efficiently. Without metrics to measure the performance of engineering processes, businesses can fall dangerously out of touch with the progress happening in their organization. To help leaders keep a finger on the pulse of engineering department progress, they can use Engineering KPIs.

What are Engineering KPIs?

Engineering KPIs are the metrics that help individuals track the health of their organization’s engineering projects, and the department as a whole. These can include measurements such as build time, API response time, number of bugs found within a system, and many more. Depending on your organization’s industry or specialty, your KPIs will change.

Important KPIs and metrics to track engineering progress

In order to help you identify the best Engineering KPIs for your business, we’ve collated a catalogue of Engineering KPIs on the page below:

Build Time

Category: Engineering KPIs

Build Time

When you work in a company, you will obviously want every process to stay stable and healthy. You will also...

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