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One of the significant benefits we found, evident during our first quarterly review, was the reduction in time spent on reviews. 76% reduction of time spent in reviews and 84% reduction in time spent in PPTs for Executives.

Gerardo Haro

CI Manager
Intuitive Surgical Inc.


From what I’ve observed, there has been a tremendous growth in terms of individual productivity. It’s encouraging to see that even before we share our suggestions, team members already have their improvement plans ready.

Aveek Biswas

Vice President HR
Viacon, India


Gathering and seeing real-time updates, visualizing data through colors, and getting a comprehensive view of our progress during meetings made a significant difference.

Joey D Siddens

Payroll & HRIS Manager, USA


The combination of workspaces, task management, meeting functionalities, and the core OKR features truly sets apart from other software we considered. As we continue our growth trajectory, is proving to be the ideal partner to support our objectives and operational strategy.

Kari Montes

Vice President, Systems & Administration
Axis Insurance


Our initial search wasn’t specifically for OKRs, but upon learning about them, it clicked. The synergy between OKRs and the available tool, like, seemed like the perfect fit to streamline our strategy execution globally, ensuring everyone is aligned and contributing effectively towards our strategic goals.”

Dave Lefrançois

TIBO Plastics


As soon as we saw everything was offering, from the resources to the platform itself, we were convinced that it was the right choice for us. appeared not just as a tool, but as a comprehensive platform that understood and catered to our OKR needs.

Sonia Ridao

Corporate HR Manager

Illiana-Sanchez was precisely created for key objectives and their tracking. It’s as if the book “Measure What Matters” by John Doerr was turned into a platform. It’s truly a very useful tool

Illiana Sánchez

Business Head

chad_twombly is incredibly user-friendly and provides excellent visibility across the entire organization, helping break down silos and align work with the company’s larger objectives.

Chad Twombly

VP of Direct Sales
Herculite Products Inc USA

lawrence_guy made the rollout so simple, from the initial demonstrations to the design of our OKRs and putting them into the system. It’s just been a tremendous opportunity to work with the team.

Lawrence Guy

National Training Manager
Allstate Dealer Services

james-stecker stood out with its reporting features. Not only was implementation easy, but we could pull that information and share it with others at the click of a button

James Stecker

Project Manager
LightEdge Solutions

Kay-Gabaldon provides all the necessary features and more, making it a comprehensive solution for your Performance Management needs.

Kay Lynn Gabaldon

Head of People & Culture
Banyan Security


I, for one, am a big fan of this tool, and I don’t think that my team could have achieved some of the things we have achieved without it, frankly.

Jessica A. Robinson

Vice President of Operations


The differentiator with was the team provided insights into the world of OKR methodology and why that was very important to manage the goals of an organization.

Darius Habamenshi MD

Caroline Makara


Like Atomberg Revolutionizing the home appliances industry, is revolutionizing OKRs and every Organization must go for it.

Ankita Roy



Simple way to store, track, and update goals as well as focus our strategy.

Dr. Thomas Troeger

REHAU Americas


Just in the last year, we saved over $300,000 in the department to show the value of OKR.

Deena Giordano Ullom

VP of People Operations
United Technical Support Services, Inc.

adi-prawira OKR software enhanced communication, increased visibility, and eased the process of setting up meetings.

Adi Prawira

People Partner and Performance HappyFresh


We found the software very intuitive, so the stakeholders had an excellent grasp within a few weeks.

Henry Braithwaite

Lead Forensics


Deriv’s primary requirement for alignment and visibility was solved by

Rakshit Choudhary

Chief Operating Officer


“ is continually improving the system and making it better based on feedback.”

Jonathan Freeman

Centura Wealth Advisory


With, it’s very clear. The interface is good, it’s organized well, it flows well.

Colin O’Neill
CEO & Co-Founder

Nishant Sasidharan COO &


“What [ has] really helped with is being able to communicate a lot quicker and in a lot more effective manner.”

Chase Winters

VP of Finance,


“I’m still amazed at everything I’m able to do in the [] settings.”

Ben Parker

COO, Phoenix Rescue

Engineering product development & Manufacturing Company

The OKR implementation helps to improve our strategic visibility by bringing together the work being done across multiple teams and platforms.

Director of Strategy


[] is super helpful, especially during Covid, since you’re not necessarily with the team, in front of them on a day-to-day basis.

Mike Moriarty

Development Associate,
AT Industrial


“OKR forces you to actually make decisions and truly prioritize. Having that framework already in place allows us to go into our natural check-in”

Jason Crow

Founder & CEO,


“ has been very flexible and extremely supportive in helping us customize our system to best fit our goals.”

David Watts

Vice President
of HR


“Working with the team is one of the main reasons I signed on with… the amount of effort that they put in, number one”

Rahul Daswani

Head of People and Culture,
GovTech Singapore


“We are confident that’s OKR platform will help us to implement OKRs and realize our strategic goals, meeting all our needs.”

Prakash Nair

Vice President & Global Head of HR & KMD, SunTec Business Solutions


With, “now our employees can see for themselves [how they] impact the progress of the other departments.”




“The guys working at are really eager to help- it’s not just a matter of selling a software and that’s all.”

Liana Azizbekyan

Operations Manager,


[] was instrumental in directing the business to where it’s at now and where it’s going.

Joe Mullen

Fixed Operations Director,
Keim Chevrolet


The beautiful thing about is it comes right back in once a week at our leadership meeting…

Jason Phillips

CEO, Phillips Home


Not just using OKRs, but specifically using has really helped us manage our time better… communication is a lot clearer, and there’s better transparency

Tommy Blas

Manager of Strategic Business
Delivery,GTA Teleguam


In our very first quarter we were able to generate revenue, and I would credit to that. They helped me keep focus while the business was in the start-up phase.

Haider Abbas

Business Development Manager
Inabia Solutions & Consulting


If you use other applications, whether it’s Google or Apple… it’s going to be very easy for you to adopt

Jakub Sierzchała


Tommy-Bowen has pulled us a little closer together… we’re able to remind the team ‘what are the bigger tasks?’ or ‘what are the bigger goals?

Tommy Bowen

Global Director of Business
Operations, Telmar

Dan Myers

We did not have to change our performance plan to fit the technology- the technology was able to fit into the plan that we had created.

Dan Myers

VP of People and Culture,
Symphony Media AI


We were looking out for a software tool that would help us implement OKRs… and what we ended up with is an OKR partner.”.

Hussein Hallak

VP of Strategy,
3 Tier Logic

Noemi Ortega

We did get the training sessions included so for that whole implementation process we were very satisfied…

Noemi Ortega

Implementation Manager, Allied Modular

All India Football Federation

OKRs & “has helped us complete impactful tasks towards our set goals, and carry out the vision that can still be achieved, even with the pandemic



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