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Many organizations are adopting OKRs by using OKR software. But not every OKR software can deliver powerful results. Profit is the most intuitive OKR software to enhance your organization’s performance to become successful.

OKR model PDCA

Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle

Profit is the best platform to get your people focused on the right things and get them done right.

Profit uses the proven PDCA approach to organize your OKRs and tasks to help you plan, execute, monitor and correct course while implementing your strategy.

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Delegated OKRs

OKR Planning

Profit allows you to implement top-down & bottom-up planning. Delegated OKRs help propagate managerial OKRs downward and allows subordinates to align up or start owning OKRs.

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Team building okrs

Team OKRs

“My team’s OKRs” gives you quick overview of how each of your team members are doing.

This provides a great way to orient your weekly one on one meetings. A clearly structured Agenda that focuses on the larger goals of the business and how each team member is impacting those goals.

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Alligned OKRs

Aligned OKRs

Review Vertical and Horizontal Alignment of your OKRs. See who is contributing to your OKRs from your team and from other departments to ensure that you stay on track.

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Management By Exception

Management by Exception

Out of all the OKRs that are executed by your team members, start watching those that are key to you at a given point in time.

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Okr by KPIs

OKRs by KPIs

OKRs by KPIs shows the Manager and their team’s Key Results sorted by KPIs.

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Review meetings

Effective Review Meetings

Your review meetings — team and individual reviews can be highly focused on the core strategy that you are executing.

You don’t need to plan a separate agenda. Its all right there in one view and is always current.

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okr tools

Stay Informed

Stay up to date using the Newsfeed. Get updates on new OKRs, completions, updates, and schedule changes.

Engage with your team using comments and likes.

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Task management software

Manage Tasks

Use the world class task management system to track tasks associated with your OKRs.

The Kanban view shows all the tasks that are on your board that need your attention. Use drag and drop navigation to manage and complete your tasks.

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smart goals okr

Goal Setting

Goal setting is the key to success because people know where they are heading.

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