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Performance management

As a corporate management tool, performance management is used world-wide to observe and evaluate employee’s skills and performance for perpetual career growth. The ultimate goal is to make employees utilize their opportunity and their talents to the best of their abilities with periodical reviews and feedback with on the go counseling and by nurturing their overall development.

Multifaceted HR Review Dashboard

  • HRs can have an excellent overview of active/closed performance assessment reviews.
  • HRs can view pending or completed 360 degree assessments, and top & bottom rated employees based on completed performance reviews.

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Highly customizable Question Builders

  • A flexible tool to build questionnaires to get descriptive and Quantitative responses from reviewers.
  • Agile Performance Management System helps you to build Affinity Based Performance Review, Conversation & Feedback Review and Review Summary Builder of your own to standardize review process.

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Assess performance with OKRs

  • With OKRs being business-centric and performance management being employee-centric connecting both will help organizations assess employee’s overall performance ratio for better appraisal.
  • Also, this process helps you to eliminate unethical bias by giving you a birds-eye view of their work performance.

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1-on-1s to boost individual performance

  • Our 1-on-1s review system encourages frequent performance check-ins and enhances employee participation to discuss professional development, engagement, and progress on goals.
  • Employees and managers can provide comments and use the interactive Graphic rating scale (GRS).

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360 degree performance review feedback

  • When it comes to identifying your top talent, these trend charts allow you to see if your employees are performing in a consistent manner.
  • The 360-degree review process or the peer review collects information from employees and Individual’s competencies to build strong performance management solutions.

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Customizable 9 Box Matrix

  • In today’s business environment, you need to analyze your employees across multiple dimension and custom 9 boxes Matrix allow you to do that.
  • Traditional 9 Box Matrix allow you to evaluate the company’s talent pool based on two factors such as performance assessment and potential assessment.

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9 Box Matrix


Research indicates that workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company.

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