Profit is constantly working to improve its commitment to quality customer support. We kindly ask you to help us respond to your requests efficiently by providing all relevant information about the problem.’s service level guarantees for uptime, system response and issue response/resolution are as follows:

Uptime/Availability services have an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

In case of planned downtimes for maintenance, will give at least 2 weeks of notice. Our maintenance activities are usually performed on Saturdays.

System Response prides in building and rolling out products with great user experience, including good system response times. On the cloud instance, we strive for UX responses to be less than 2 seconds on average, without considering tracking requests that are loaded in the footer, and hence doesn’t impact user experience.

Issue Response & Resolution

Low (P4) Medium (P3) High (P2) Urgent (P1)
Priority Description
Severity No impact to standard workflows. Work around available to circumvent the issue. Minor Interruption to standard workflows. Work around available to circumvent the issue. Major Interruption to critical processes affecting a subset of users. No work around available. Severe interruption to work, impacting all users. No work around available.
SLA Targets
First response time Same business day. Same business day. Within 2 hours. Within 1 hour.
Resolution time Within 2-4 weeks
(2 sprint cycles)
1-2 weeks
(within a sprint cycle)
2-3 Working days. 24 Hours
(Immediate hotfix)

Support Capabilities

You’re in the capable hands of the Profit Support Team!


We have a set phone number dedicated to client to handle any support issues – P1/P2/P3/P4


Dedicated team will handle support emails with prompt response for P1/P2/P3/P4 issues or queries

Ticketing System

We will use Apptivo ticketing system