OKR University


What Are Committed and Aspirational OKRs? 6 min read

In simple terms, the acronym OKR stands for “Objectives and Key Results”. In more detail, an OKR can be defined... Read more

OKR Examples


10 Great OKR Examples For Design Teams 13 min read

As the world transforms into a virtual marketplace, increasingly significant decisions are made on screen. The influence of the design... Read more

KPIs Library


What is a Pareto Chart and How to Create One? 7 min read

Organizations often have to take important decisions that can either make or break their success. Making the right decisions at... Read more

Task Management


Importance of Scheduling Tasks and its Benefits 7 min read

Introduction While no business can achieve 100% productivity, there are plenty of reasons to improve performance through scheduling. For example,... Read more

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