OKR reviews using the Progress, Plans, and Problems (PPP) methodology

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Managers need a reliable method for syncing up with their teams to maintain forward momentum and productivity, no matter how large or small their company or project is. The progress, plans, and problems (PPP) framework is an effective status management method used by several hugely successful businesses, including Apple, Facebook, and Skype. This simple but… Read more

Decision Fatigue

| Category: Behavioral Economics.

Decision Fatigue refers to the mental exhaustion that is caused after rigorous decision-making sessions. It addresses how the quality of decisions deteriorates after an individual is overloaded with too many decisions to make. Many of us use Netflix or some other online streaming service. We browse through the movie choices presented to us and think… Read more

The IKEA Effect and OKR: Boosting Employee Engagement

| Category: Behavioral Economics.

Engage \ in-ˈgāj: to occupy, attract, or involve someone’s interest or attention. Employee engagement is now at the forefront of successful corporate strategy. According to the 2018 SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Report, leaders are using human-centered approaches to resolve retention, recruitment, and culture management challenges. And in the United States, the percentage of engaged workers is… Read more

Behavioral Economics and Employee Engagement

| Category: Behavioral Economics.

How many of us have landed our ideal dream job? According to the Gallup reports, only 33% of the U.S. labor force and 15% of the employees all over the world are engaged. We define engagement as actually interested in what they do for a living. Most people are just out there trying to earn… Read more

The Role Loss Aversion Plays in the Goal Setting Process

| Category: Behavioral Economics.

Loss aversion as its name implies occurs when the psychological impact of losing something outweighs the pleasure of gaining. The economists have identified loss aversion as one of the most common and powerful behavioral biases. Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel winning psychologist and economist, views his work on loss aversion as his most important. Kahneman through… Read more

The Alphabet P

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The alphabet P is a pretty powerful alphabet among the English alphabets. According to the post “which English letter is the starting letter for the maximum words?”, the alphabet P is only 2nd with about 24,472 words, among all the 26 letters in English. There are other estimates that put the count of words starting… Read more

Never underestimate the spirit of a true entrepreneur

| Category: Persistence.

If you have been paying attention to the many inspiring stories of today’s renowned entrepreneurs, you will notice that they did not become successful overnight. You can learn how to start a business by looking to those nurtured their entrepreneurial skills by fixing and building gadgets in their garages and basements. They were selling lemonade… Read more

The importance of Partnership in business

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The partnership is crucial to the growth of any business venture. Merchants and traders from time immemorial have made use of the principle of a strategic partnership to conduct their businesses; the trend is still very much applicable today. A partnership manifests itself in different forms, ranging from business owners cooperating to invest in a… Read more