OKR Levels

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What are OKR Levels? We can set OKRs at four levels. Typically in every company, you have multiple departments and sometimes you have cross functional teams, working towards solving a particular problem and obviously employees working in these different departments. So, these are the 4 levels at which you set OKRs, and referred to as… Read more

Are OKRs replacing KPIs?

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No, OKRs do not replace KPIs. Simply put, they serve different purposes and cannot replace each other. We’ve already documented the difference between OKRs and KPIs. OKRs actually replace the several methods of managing your KPIs. KPIs and their trends indicate how well your business is doing or parts of your business are doing. Another… Read more

Why should startups embrace OKRs?

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Entrepreneurs set audacious goals to change the world. They have crazy ideas, throw their money, time, and their life behind those crazy ideas. With their relentless pursuit and persistent effort, they build a solution to a problem and deliver it to the marketplace. But ever wondered how many of them succeed in this pursuit? According… Read more

Reflect/Reset in the OKR world

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OKR is a way of life in business. As in life, you need periodic checks to make sure you are marching in the right direction. While you check-in more frequently, quarterly Reflect/Resets allow your OKRs to be reviewed holistically and make adjustments for the next quarter. We do not learn from experience. We learn from… Read more

OKRs Vs. Lean Startup Methodology

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OKRs are an amazing way to manage startups. How so? Well, let’s actually take OKRs and compare with the lean startup movement, to see how these two methodologies complement each other. We’ve already documented the OKR Payoffs in detail. They are summarized using the acronym FACTS. Core principles of the lean startup movement Now that… Read more

The Importance Of Planning

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We’ve heard these phrases many times — think before you act, look before you leap, and so on. The key theme behind these phrases is Planning. Planning allows you to: Identify and define what you want to achieve How you are going to achieve the desired outcome? Essentially, what are the steps to get there?… Read more

What is the difference between OKRs and Performance Management?

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Looking at the wide use OKRs enjoy in business today, it becomes obvious that this goal management tool is as relevant today as it was more than four decades ago. This is in contrast to the dwindling role Performance Management initiatives such as Annual Performance Reviews continue to play in many Fortune 500 companies. OKRs… Read more

OKR Payoffs

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OKR Payoffs can be expressed using the acronym FACTS, and illustrated in the following picture. Focus A key guideline when practicing OKRs is to limit the number of objectives to 3-4 per person and limit the number of key results to 2-5 per objective. This guideline is in place to bring exceptional focus to what… Read more

OKR reviews using the Progress, Plans, and Problems (PPP) methodology

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Managers need a reliable method for syncing up with their teams to maintain forward momentum and productivity, no matter how large or small their company or project is. The progress, plans, and problems (PPP) framework is an effective status management method used by several hugely successful business, including Apple, Facebook, and Skype. This simple but… Read more

Decision Fatigue

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Decision Fatigue refers to the mental exhaustion that is caused after rigorous decision-making sessions. It addresses how the quality of decisions deteriorates after an individual is overloaded with too many decisions to make. Many of us use Netflix or some other online streaming service. We browse through the movie choices presented to us and think… Read more