Output Outcome

There is no indicator to tell you if your team’s efforts are pushing you towards the same north star that you are focusing on. Many times, you even wonder if your team even knew your company goals and visions.

Tool challenges?


You try different tools and ways to make things happen. While appropriate in uncertain situations, you feel lack of focus and accountability.

Process challenges?


Daily business often consists of tasks and routines that keep your business running. However you can’t tell if they support the bigger picture.

Alignment challenges?


Your employees tend to concentrate on their own set of goals without understanding and ensuring alignment to your company’s vision and goals.

Management challenges?


Your company’s vision often is lost along the path since employees & managers are focused on their daily workload and have a tendency to just get things done.

What If

Imagine a world of completely aligned goals, clearly articulated and well understood by your employee base, with established metrics to measure progress.

Complete alignment


Imagine how your company and your performance change if all plans, goals and tasks would be aligned to the bigger picture?

Stakeholders buy-in


Imagine that all your team members would know your company’s vision and the most important goals and a path to get there.

Impactful decisions


Imagine how your strategic decisions about your team’s projects change if you could measure their effect on your macro goals?

Visualize impact


Imagine how your employees will feel if they were able to visualize the direct impact of their work to achieve the greater purpose?


A complete solution to define OKRs at every level of your organization forcing you and your team to think before acting and a comprehensive system to measure progress on predefined frequencies to keep your company running like a well oiled machine towards your company’s goals.



Define your objectives and key results. Use OKR templates to get started quickly. Check out our OKR Lounge if you need guidance on how to formulate your objectives and key results.


Align with your management

You will increase your performance and achieve more with less effort. Ultimately you will change the way you communicate and implement strategies.


My Team’s OKRs

See how all the employees in your team are doing against their objectives and key results.

Review your team’s alignment

See you how your team’s goals are aligned with your goals and key results.


Manage by exceptions

Watch what is critical to you and be on top of those OKRs from across your team.