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OKR management


Management Solution for All Your Needs.

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Task management


World-Class Task Management System.

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OKR engagement


Boost Employee Engagement with OKRs.

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Performance management


The Complete Solution for All Your Performance Management Needs.

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Set and Manage Goals

Using the Objectives and Key Results Methodology you can create, share, and assign objectives at a
company, department, team, and personal level.

Penetrate European Market


Establish a New Sales Office in London

Q1-2020New Sales Office
0% 100%

20 40 60 80



Ensure that we get at least 10 Leads per Week from the EU Region

Jan 01-Feb 28Leads
5 15 50%



Increase # of New Logos from UK & EU from 0 to 30

Q1-2020# of New Logos
0 30 16%


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Integrate with your favorite apps integrates with Jira, Slack, G Suite, Gmail add-on, Office 365, and many more. You can connect with to integrate users, tasks, and also check in your key results within the apps.

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