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Large or small, Enterprise or startup, Profit.co OKR Software is a one-size-fits-all solution that helps you execute your strategy faster.

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1000s of Brands, from Startups to Fortune 500 Companies, Trust our OKR Software

Easy to use with in-built AI chatbot

  • Embrace OKRs instantly with Profit.co’s built-in AI & step-by-step guides.
  • Create your OKRs in a few clicks using our OKR Templates or AI Chatbot for every level of your organization.

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Align your teams to achieve better results

  • Allow your entire organization to align their goals with your overarching company goals with our strong alignments.
  • Alignments dashboards help everyone to understand what the company’s goal is and how they contribute to it.

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6 types of key results to track any type of goals

  • For the outcomes that are measurable use our measurable key result type and for those that are not measurable use our trackable Key result types.
  • With our 400+ inbuilt & custom KPIs, you can easily start setting your key results effortlessly.

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See how your team is performing

  • Profit.co dashboards offer real-time progress on OKRs across every level of your company.
  • Real-time heatmaps allow managers to identify potential problems easily and push for progress.

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Link tasks with key results

  • Link your tasks with Key Results with expert-step guidance, and facilitate the progress of Key Results with the assigned tasks.
  • Get things done systematically, while you keep track of the progress of the overall performance of your key result.

Other Key Features


OKR Cockpit


PPP Review


Automated Notifications


Downloadable PPT reports

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Stay updated from Anywhere at Anytime

Get updated on real time progress and notified with access, from any device with just a click- on desktop, Tv, mobile and tab.

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Seamlessly integrate with other favorite apps and platforms

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G2 Customers Love Profit.co

G2 Recognizes Profit.co as a Leader in OKR category for the 8th quarter in a row

David M

David M

Operations Manager

“Springboard Your OKR Tracking to the Next Level”

Profit.co takes the time to understand your business needs and then offer solutions on how to best leverage the product to drive your OKRs.

Nellie P

Nellie P

VP, Asia Product Development & Commercialization

“Great tool to facilitate achievement”

Using Profit.co conveniently provides visibility for our organization to have essential alignment on key objectives.

Ruben R

Ruben R

Director, Carrier Performance

“A complete and adaptable OKR software with fantastic support and speedy development cycle”

The most impactful feature is the completeness of the suite of interconnecting modules for OKRs, tasks, employee engagement and performance management.

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