Our vision at Profit.co is to help business transform into metrics driven, objective focused organizations.

Strategies are abundant, but the key to success is execution. And world-class execution is achieved by keeping focus, measuring frequently and celebrating achievement.

Leading businesses that use profit.co to implementation their OKRs

When asked to name just one metric that indicates the health of a business, “Profit” is what comes to mind and that’s how we got our name.

OKR Implementation design in profit.co
Hoshin technique implementation design structure for X company.

Profit.co OKR Software is built by a team of entrepreneurs and engineers that have a deep understanding on the subject of Objectives & Key Results (OKRs).

Bastin Gerald, founder of Profit.co has been working on Hoshin Kanri and OKRs for over two decades.

OKRs is a unique concept. The first question to ask is, “What do you want to accomplish?”. While this is not an easy question to answer, it is a good place to start towards your OKR journey.

The next question to ask is “By When?” and tracking the process of achieving those objectives through a metric-driven approach. You are looking for a feature rich product to answer these two critical strategic business questions, then Profit.co is your answer.

Profit.co logo showing focus, measurement and achievement factor.

You can get started easily and grow your practice of management using OKRs using an organized and learning-filled process.

OKR features leveraged in Profit.co

Everything is based on a simple rule: Quality is the best business plan, period.

Steve Jobs

Profit Apps Inc, the company behind Profit.co is a Delaware Corporation incorporated in the USA. We have offices in Texas, Dubai, Singapore, Pune, Chennai and Madurai.