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How to create great OKRs

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How to implement your strategy flawlessly, using iterative business execution?

Your ultimate guide to writing great OKRs and properly setting them in your business! Inside, find real examples of the do’s and dont’s of creating OKRs so you can prioritize your business strategy and outcomes.


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Learn how to write good OKRs
Steps for Creating and Implementing OKRs
OKR Examples, Tips and Tricks to Creating OKRs
Tracking Your OKR Implementation

What gets measured, gets improved

Learn how to set and achieve goals like Google, Intel, Twitter & Co.

Setting up OKRs is not just done on a whim or “just to see if it works”. OKRs should not be trial experiments. They require dedication and much effort, requires tons of data gathering and preparation, and several people with technical and managerial expertise.

In this eBook, we introduce you to the concept of OKRs. We break down the OKRs into two distinct parts and also the various elements that make greatOKRs. We also review some examples of bad and good OKRs.

Download our ebook for expert advice on how to set great OKRs, and achieve your goals.

“Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment”

—Jim Collins

What’s inside

Part One: 1
Getting to Know OKRs
  • Characteristics of Good OKRs
Part Two: 2
Creating your OKRs
  • Characteristics of Good Objectives
  • Characteristics of Good Key Results
  • 4 Steps for Creating and Implementing OKRs
  • Guidelines for Creating Your First OKRs : An OKR Checklist
Part Three: 3
Tips and Tricks to Creating OKRs
  • Examples of OKRs
Part Four: 4
Tracking Your OKR Implementation
  • How do you Measure OKR success?

Defining and setting up good OKRs is the first and the most important step towards achieving organisation goals. For everything you need to know to set great OKRs for your company, download the free guide today!

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