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The definition of OKR
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More about this What Are OKRs?

What you’ll find inside

In this ebook, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to all things OKRs– from the definition and history behind this framework to examples of well-developed OKRs and how to set them within your organization, Profit.co’s What Are OKRs? has you and your team covered.

First thing’s first– what’s an OKR?

OKR stands for Objective and Key Results– in other words, it’s a goal-setting tool that consolidates your goal or ambitious vision into a qualitative and aspirational objective statement. Then, you add key results– or, the important metrics and milestones that you need to reach in order to know that you’re making progress on your ambitious objective.

The OKR methodology has worked for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. From the smallest of start-ups to the largest enterprises, OKRs can bring structure, focus, and alignment to any organization, bringing your top priorities to the forefront of focus so you can achieve more, more efficiently.

Why this ebook?

At Profit.co, we’re passionate about the power of OKRs, and the success of your business! This ebook will help you create a foundational understanding of OKRs and how you use this framework as the engine that drives your organizational success.

What are you waiting for? Download What Are OKRs? and get ready to roll out OKRs and achieve more in your business!

“Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment”

—Jim Collins

Winning teams use iterative business execution to outperform and stay ahead of the competition. Improve performance with flawless execution across your organization. To find out how, download the free guide today!

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