How OKR experts use the PEEL Cycle for a better OKR program


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Inside, you’ll learn:The breakdown of the OKR structure

How to plan your OKRs better
How to execute your strategy faithfully
How to engage your employees
How to create a learning environment in your organization
How to structure your quarter for the best OKR outcomes

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How to set Great OKRS?

What you’ll find inside

So you know that OKRs are the best goal-setting methodology to help you focus, measure, and achieve your goals– but what is the best way to implement OKRs in your organization? In What is the Best Implementation Methodology for OKRs? we introduce you to the PEEL Cycle.

First thing’s first– what’s an OKR?

PEEL stands for the four necessary stages an organization must go through in a quarter to find success with OKRs. These are Planning, Execution, Engagement, and Learning.

Planning is all about anticipating the most important goals within a given quarter, outlining a roadmap toward success, and determining how OKRs align with one another and what resources are required. Execution means taking the outlined strategy and pushing it within the organization. Engagement involves ensuring team members are checking in on their key results and committing to their OKRs. Finally, learning involves reflecting at the end of the quarter on what went right, what went wrong, and how your business can iterate in the next quarter to be even better.

Why this ebook?’s unique PEEL approach is the key to a smooth OKR implementation and faster iteration with this goal-setting methodology. This ebook tells you everything you need to know about rolling out OKRs in your organization and improving your use of them day in and day out.

What are you waiting for? Download What is the best implementation methodology for OKRs? and get ready to write better OKRs and see more progress!

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