OKRs for Jira _ Installation and configuration

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Jira is a tool used to track issue and bugs related to your software. It is also used for project management. You can integrate Profit with Jira to use it inside Jira software.

How to install Profit.co app in Jira software?

To perform this task, you must have Jira administrator email credentials. The same email id should be used to sign-up into Profit.co.

Step 1:

Go to the Atlassian https://id.atlassian.com website. Enter your email address in the login page and click on Continue or you can login with Google.

Jira login

login edit

Step 2:

Enter your password to login to your Jira account. It will redirect you to the Home page. Click on the Jira Software icon.

Jira product

Step 3:

Click on Jira settings on the left menu panel.


Step 4:

Then click on Apps on left menu.

Jira apps

Step 5:

Click on Find new apps

Jira new apps

Step 6:

On the search bar, type in “Profit” and press Enter. Click on the Profit.co app.

Jira Profit apps

Step 7:

Now click on the Get app button to install Profit.co.

Jira get apps

Step 8:

A pop up will appear, click the Get it now button.

Jira add get now

Step 9:

You will see message showing Profit.co has been added.

Jira success message

How to configure Profit.co in Jira after installation?

Step 1:

Go to Manage Apps page and choose Profit.co app and click on Configure button.

apps congigure

Step 2:

You will be redirected to Profit app login page. Enter your email id and Jira API token. Click on the Submit button.


The email id should be the one you used to sign up to Profit.co and it must be the same as Jira administrator email id.

Jira credentials

Step 3:

If you don’t know your Jira API Token, please click on the “Get my API token” below the submit button.

A new tab will be opened with the API Token page as shown in the figure below. Click on copy to clipboard.

new API token

Step 4:

Once you submit your credential and API token, you can see the list of Jira users. Enter the email address in the Email id column and click on the Connect button against the email id.

manage user connect

Step 5:

Now you will be able to see Profit.co in Jira Software menu.

Jira project

Step 6:

Click on Profit.co to access your Profit app inside Jira Software.


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