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When you work in a company, handling the processes your team is involved in can be a real struggle – especially when it comes to time and deadlines. You want every process to stay stable and healthy.

You want to have a birds’ eye view over all the projects, in order to make sure your team is doing the right job. Handling all these can be done easily with the help of engineering metrics, which can come in handy – and are also easy to use.

Monitoring application metrics and other types of telemetry from production environments are definitely some of the most important aspects every company should consider. This is especially because they are vital for application quality.

These processes can be easily done with the help of builds. Not only do these help you detect problems earlier, but they also allow you to achieve continuous visibility in what concerns the build time you need to plan.

Read on to find out more about why monitoring app telemetry during builds is important – and especially why taking into account build time is compulsory.

Build Times Metrics and Its Importance

It is vital to monitor how long build take and this is when this metric comes in handy. Besides knowing the number of environments you’re building for and the total lines of source code, it is important to know exactly how long builds take.

You should also consider how build times may vary between different target environments. By having this objective information, you will get a sense of how quickly your app is growing – and consequently, you will know how your team is doing and what needs to be changed or improved.

Build Times is also important when you want to keep your continuous delivery pipeline flowing smoothly and without any trouble. Inside a delivery chain, code builds may be the most time-consuming processes; therefore, you should pay close attention to every stage involved in this continuous process.

In cases in which your build times start increasing suddenly and substantially, you should know how to address them in order to avoid delays and the risk of breaking your ability to deliver continuously.

By monitoring your processes using these types of metrics, such as build times, you can achieve many benefits. The engineering team working for your company will definitely be able to:

  • Detect problems earlier than expected and identify issues and problems in your coding process;

  • Gain insight into the way your company will perform within each type of environment;

  • Have continuous visibility into your delivery chain by using such useful tools;

As you can see, using build time metrics is definitely something that any company with a sense of efficiency and smoothness should go for. It is essential to monitor every step that your team takes in the complex process of the delivery chain – as it ensures your team’s work will be successful. In conclusion, builds are definitely some of the most important ingredients any company should include in their recipe of success.

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