Average replies per ticket.

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Working in customer support is tough. You get to deal with a lot of clients, and sometimes the target of their frustrations is you. Sometimes, you will have to resolve customer requests, because it can be very important for the satisfaction of the customer.

That being said, did you know that you can calculate the average replies per ticket? There’s a metric that allows you to find out. Below, you will find out more about the metric, including whether a bigger number of replies is preferred over a smaller one or not.

What Is This Metric?

Basically, the average replier per ticket allows you to know how many replies it takes to solve a customer request. This is significant if you want your customers to be pleased, and they will be if they see the staff values them.

Usually, you’d want the number of replies per ticket to be 0 because customer issues are better resolved earlier than allowing more issues to arise. That being said, if there are too many interactions per ticket, it may indicate the fact that your support staff is not asking the proper questions. It can also show that the customer wasn’t redirected to the right people. As such, if there’s a high number of interactions per ticket, you may want to look into it and find the reasons.

Also, if the metric is mellow two replies, it’s a good thing, because it reduces the customers’ effort to resolve the issue. To customers, the first contact resolution is important for their satisfaction.

How Is It Calculated?

If you want to calculate the average replies per ticket, all you have to do is use a specific formula. The calculation should look as follows:

Average number of replies per requests = Number of replies on resolved requests / Number of resolved requests

Why Is It Important?

Customers are the ones helping you run the business because they are the one that generates sales. Therefore, their complaints and issues should be relevant and should be solved carefully as soon as possible if you don’t want to risk losing customers.

The calculation will help you determine whether your staff is effective in solving a customer’s issue in real time. Resolving them as soon as possible is preferred because the company will have a good reputation, and the customer will be happy to return to someone who shows them respect.

If the calculation reveals that it takes too many replies per ticket to resolve an issue, it’s a good indicator that your team may not be asking the right questions. Moreover, it could also show that the customers may be redirected to the wrong people. By seeing the result, you will be able to take action and make sure the average replies per ticket decreases, thus resulting in more pleased customers.

Final Thoughts

The average replies per ticket metric is a good calculation that could show you what is the situation regarding how customers’ issues are being handled. As long as the number of replies per ticket is low, everything is perfect.

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