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OKRs are goal-setting tools that deliver disciplined execution of goals and ideas. As an organization you should definitely need to focus on customers, and customer support is one of the most influential frontline services that meet the needs and demands of the customer smoothly by earning their trust. So framing customer support based OKRs will definitely push your goals to a brighter future.

Working in customer support can be a challenging job. Being a part of customer support needs a lot of patience and perseverance to accomplish, as you have to assist, plan, install, upgrade, maintain, and troubleshoot issues by enhancing user experience. Moreover, your job doesn’t get over by just analyzing and assisting the customers alone, you need to make it a point to resolve the requests and satisfy the customers in the long run.

When a ticket is raised, you need to analyze how many of your replies have resolved the issue. in order to calculate the average replies per ticket instantly, seek the help of customer support Metrics. The customer support metric allows you to find out. This will help you to evaluate the higher and lower number of replies.

What is this Metric?

The metric that is used here is the customer support metric, which is basically the calculation of average replies per ticket that allows you to know how many replies it takes to solve a customer request. This is a vital part of customer support as you have to take the responsibility of pleasing the customers. This would definitely prove that you are concerned about their issue and you value them.

Usually, you’d want the number of replies per ticket to be 0 because it would be better if the issues are resolved earlier rather than letting it arise more problems. Customer issues are better resolved earlier than allowing more issues to arise.so how to address the problem of having too many conversations with the customers? That being said, if there are too many replies per query, it can also show that the customer wasn’t directed to the right people. As such, if there are a high number of interactions per ticket, you may want to look into it and find the reasons.

Also if the calculated metric signifies two replies, it’s a good thing, because it reduces the customers’ effort to resolve the issue. To customers, the first contact resolution is important for their satisfaction.

How is it calculated?

If you want to calculate the average replies per ticket, all you have to do is use a specific formula. The calculation should be carried out as follows:

Average number of replies per requests
Number of replies on resolved requestsNumber of resolved requests

Why is it Important?

Customers are the ones helping you run the business because they are the one that generates sales. Therefore, their complaints and issues should be relevant and should be solved carefully as soon as possible if you don’t want to risk losing customers.

The calculation will help you determine whether your staff is effective in solving a customer’s issue in real-time. Resolving them as soon as possible is the wisest thing because the company will have a good reputation, and the customer will be happy to get back to someone who shows them respect.

Final Thoughts

The average replies per ticket metric is an important metric that could show you the real situation regarding how customers’ issues are being handled. As long as you keep the replies per ticket low and powerful, your business will definitely yield inch-perfect results.

So make sure that your online ticketing system increases agent/service staff productivity. Enhancing customer support will deliver amazing customer service whether it’s on-site, online, or on the phone. Be updated in creating customer support scripts to pose the right question that would yield a minimum number of replies. Practice perfection for surefire success.

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