Deliver Amazing Customer Support

Category: Customer Support OKRs.

A Customer support team wants to deliver amazing support to its customers. How can they measure if they are delivering amazing support to their customers?
These are some potential indicators:

1. Average issue resolution time
If you are taking 7 days on average to resolve issues, cutting it down by 50% and resolving issues in 4 days on average will be a great improvement and result in increased customer satisfaction.

2. First contact resolution rate
A low FCR rate means that the customers are making more than one attempt to get their issues resolved. This increases the support center costs and also decreases the customer satisfaction score. Improving the current FCR rate from 10% to 40% makes the customer support team to be efficient and also enhances the customer satisfaction rate significantly.

3. Customer satisfaction score
If the current CSAT score is 7.0 and increasing it to 9.0 will mean that your customers are happy. Happy customers often refer and recommend the service/product to other prospects. This means that the success of the business is directly connected to customer satisfaction.

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