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A Customer Support manager’s objective is to “Delight customers”. Building an effective, well defined OKR will not only help you stay focused on your target but also provides you the platform to delight your customers. Using an automated and powerful OKR software will definitely keep you on track to move forward towards customer satisfaction.

So what are the areas that you need to focus on to delight your customer?

  • Focus on achieving positive reviews, negative reviews will attract them more than the positive ones.
  • Ensure customer happiness on product or service such that they don’t have any other choice other than coming to you
  • Expand customer support without boundaries
  • Implement customer-friendly policies on products and services.
  • Aim to achieve highest rating in customer service sector
  • Focus on reducing response resolution time to sort out issues claimed by customers/clients

The above mentioned points are to focus on areas that would definitely yield customer satisfaction. Speaking of it, an organization should also focus on measuring customers satisfaction on enjoying maximum product value? These are some potential indicators:

1. Customer onboarding process
You can create a quick onboarding process to engage customers.

2. Churn rate
If the KPI metric is expressed as a percentage of customers who stop using your product or services in a given period of time and if you have a churn rate of 15% and decreasing it by 10% will indicate that you have improved product value for customers.

3. Net Promoter Score
NPS measures customer experience with the product and services. An increase in NPS from 6 to 9 implies more product referrals, an increase in customer loyalty to the product and services offered.

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