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When candidates apply for a job, they don’t always know everything it includes. Some of them meet the job criteria, while others don’t, and you have to carefully choose the ones who will have the best performance.

There is a way to calculate how many candidates have met the job criteria. It’s will give you a percentage, which can be helpful to you when it comes to recruiting new employees. Here is why this metric is important.

What is this Percentage?

So, as already mentioned, it’s a way to calculate the number of candidates who met the job criteria when applying for the job. When you make offers, you require certain knowledge, experience, and skills, so people could apply based on that.

However, it doesn’t always work. In certain situations, people who barely meet the criteria apply anyway, because they’re looking for a job, or think that the requirements are not something they can’t deal with. Consequently, you will have a mix of people applying for various positions, some meeting the criteria and some not. So, you are left wondering what to do.

Basically, this percentage doesn’t only show you the number of candidates who meet the job criteria – it also indicates how effective you are in reaching the top candidates. Therefore, the problem may be with the job postings as well.

Why is it Important?

When you make job offers, the requirements exist because you want what’s best for your company, hence why you look for people with the best set of skills. Although you make it clear that you want people with certain knowledge, people who apply are not only those who meet the criteria.

Sometimes you spend days interviewing applicants, but you realize there are too many who don’t fit the job description. While it’s only fair to interview everyone, it may create a lot of problems for the interviewers in the long run. It is very time consuming, and that time could be used for people who actually fit the description of the job.

Also, so many interviewers require more administration. You have to keep in touch with the applicants and offer them feedback. This is meant to let them know whether they may be good for the job or not. However, if there are way too many applicants who don’t meet the job criteria, you will only overwork yourself and waste time.

The percentage may help you see whether you need to work on reaching out to the right audience, so things like this are avoided, and you will also be able to meet the right people.

Final Thoughts

Lots of candidates show up to apply for jobs, some better than others, and it’s hard to keep track of all of them, especially when some don’t fit the job description. The percentage of job candidates who meet the job criteria is very useful. It lets you see how many applicants actually fit the description, as well as your efficiency in reaching out to the right people.

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