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It is vital to ensure the satisfaction of your customers, as it is of paramount importance to run a successful business. First contact resolution (FCR) boosts customer satisfaction by swiftly addressing concerns. Efficient FCR reduces operational costs and streamlines processes. High FCR rates build trust and foster customer loyalty. This is one of the essential key performance indicators (KPI) that companies frequently use to gauge the efficiency of their customer support. Let’s explore this metric, its formula, and a real-life example to better understand its significance in business operations.

What is First Contact Resolution (FCR)?

FCR is a measure of how effectively a customer service team can resolve customer issues or queries during the first interaction. In essence, it determines the ability of the support team to solve problems without needing follow-up interactions. A higher FCR rate generally implies better customer satisfaction since customers typically prefer their issues to be addressed promptly and effectively.

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The FCR KPI Formula

It is a vital metric for any organization focused on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The formula to calculate FCR is very simple :


Real-Life Business Examples to Know Better

Imagine a tech company, ‘TechSolutions’, that deals in software products. They have a dedicated customer support line where users can call in with their issues.

In a given month:

Number of issues resolved on the first contact: 750

Total number of issues received: 1,000

Using our formula:
FCR= 750/1000 ×100=75%

This means that ‘TechSolutions’ resolved 75% of the issues during the first interaction, which suggests a fairly strong customer support system, though there’s room for improvement.


The No.1 thing that has made us successful by far is obsessive, compulsive focus on the customer

Jeff Bezos

OKRs and FCR KPI to Boost Operations

For improving the FCR KPI, operations can be streamlined, resources can be better utilized, and overall operational efficiency can be significantly boosted. Regularly tracking and adjusting the initiatives will ensure that the intended improvements are realized. Here is an OKR example for you to get started right away:

Objective: Improve First Contact Resolution (FCR) for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

KR 1: Boost the FCR rate from current from 60% to 80% by the end of the quarter

Initiative: Provide agents with a frequently updated knowledge base containing solutions to the most recurrent problem

KR 2: Decrease the number of customers calling back on the same issue from 50% to 30%

Initiative: Implement a post-resolution survey to gather immediate feedback from customers on their resolution experience.

KR 3: Achieve at least a 95% completion rate of the new First Contact Resolution training program for all front-line agents

Initiative: Implement a training program on AI-based solutions that can suggest real-time solutions to agents based on the context of the customer’s issue.

Why FCR Matters:

Customer Satisfaction

Customers tend to feel valued when their issues are resolved promptly. A high FCR rate can contribute to positive customer feedback and loyalty.

Cost Efficiency

Resolving issues during the first interaction reduces the need for follow-up calls, thereby saving operational costs.

Resource Optimization

A higher FCR means fewer resources are spent on recurring issues, allowing customer service representatives to address new queries.

Some of the best Initiatives to Improve FCR


Ensure that your support team is well-versed with the products or services and has access to the right tools and information.

Feedback Loop

Create a mechanism where unresolved issues are analyzed to understand the root cause and prevent recurrence.

Tech Integration

Implement AI or chatbots to provide instant solutions for frequently asked queries, increasing the FCR rate.

Future Thought

FCR is a vital metric for any business that aims to provide stellar customer support. Not only does it shed light on the efficiency of the support team, but it also acts as a beacon for areas of improvement. By continuously monitoring and optimizing FCR, companies can ensure long-term customer loyalty and operational excellence. The Golden Key to Stellar customer support is not so far! Start using this metric to spotlight strengths, hone, and bridge gaps in your business strategies.

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