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OKR Coaching Program

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Who will benefit from the course?

Business executives

Planning to improve execution and achieve
stretch goals

HR managers

Looking to Improve engagement and build high-performance teams

Leaders and managers

Who wish to lift their team’s performance and improve accountability by implementing OKRs


looking for professional and career

“Google has grown from 40 employees to more than 200,000 today through the use of OKRs to align their teams and achieve extraordinary goals.“

OKR Coaching Program

The OKRs coaching program will help you understand the basics of OKRs, methodology to implement OKRs for your team and best practices for a successful OKR adoption. Write great OKRs for your organization.



  • OKR fundamentals
  • Writing great OKRs
  • Good vs Bad OKRs
  • Performance management vs OKRs
  • Exercises


  • Alignment
  • OKR levels
  • KPIs in OKRs
  • Choosing the right KR type
  • Gracing OKRs
  • Wrapping up your quarter


  • OKR calendar
  • Prioritizing OKRs
  • Automating check-ins
  • Visible signs of a successful OKR program
  • 20 red flags

Course Contents


Why OKRs?

There are hundreds of management framework. What is special about OKRs? why OKRs?


Writing great OKRs

What are the rules for writing great OKRs? we give you tons of exercises to get you comfortable with the art and science of creating great OKRs


OKRs & Performance management

Should OKRs and performance management be combined? what is the recommended best practice and why?


How to ensure successful adoption of OKRs

How can you prepare to ensure successful adoption of OKRs in your team and organization?


How to get started with OKRs?

Should you “Learn & Launch” or “Launch & learn”?


OKRs levels

What are the levels at which you can set OKRs? your organization is structured as a project organization, will OKRs work?



Alignment is the ultimate OKR superpower that energizes your organization, unifying the efforts of department and teams to perform as one giant execution engine.


Choosing the right KR type offers 7 different KR types. Which are the most recommended options and why?


Grading OKRs

What is the sweet spot of my success in the OKR journey?


How to design your OKR calendar?

OKR calendar paves a foundation and structure to execute your objectives, Learn needs to be done and when throughout your OKR quarter.


Prioritizing objectives and key results

How to prioritize your objectives and key results at every level?


How do you institutionalize learning?

A learning organization involves a deliberate effort to incorporate knowledge into the execution framework.


20 red flags that could derail your OKR implementation

Excellence is not an act but a habit. Learn from the best practices to avoid the common pitfalls to make your OKR implementation successful.


Boost employee performance

Hear and be heard! unleash the success mantra to boost employee engagement and drive performance across your employees.

Course Outcome


Appreciate how OKRs enable great business execution


Write great OKRs for the company, departments and teams


Align OKRs to ensure teamwork and accountability


Learn step by step process to run the first OKR quarter


Use OKRs to improve employee engagement


Improve organizational learning using OKRs


Define your own OKR


Conduct quarter end reflect/reset of OKRs


Get certified as OKR professional

Become a OKR Professional’s OKR coaching program is not just a series of modules. We provide an interactive environment with quizzes, exercises and case-studies and equip you to run your OKR program.

Graduates of our ‘end of the program’ evaluation qualify to run OKR programs and receive a coveted certificate by, entitling them as “CERTIFIED OKR PROFESSIONAL”. The title is an appreciation of your abilities to:

  • Guide your team members to define OKRs
  • Execute enterprise OKR program
  • Perform the role of OKR champion
  • Gain access to exclusive OKR artifacts

OKRs are like superpowers. The right use of OKRs will help you and your organization reach great heights . Google is of course a living example of this achievement.