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What happens when you track OKRs in a spreadsheet?

  • Goals are overwritten, making coordination frustrating and tedious.
  • Documents are duplicated and not synced with one another, causing confusion.
  • Transparency is difficult, if not impossible, causing miscommunications and a lack of visibility into the organization.

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Individuals in the organizationIndividuals

  • Have a limited scope for aligning their OKRs
  • Find it cumbersome to enter data
  • Don’t receive timely feedback from managers or teammates
  • Are prone to making errors or duplicate errors

Managers in the organizationManagers

  • Find it difficult to grade OKR progress
  • Find rampant scoring errors
  • Cannot maintain weekly check-ins with their team
  • Have trouble collecting data for reports or reviews

C-Level ExecutivesC-Level Executives

  • Cannot get an at-a-glance, updated view of the business
  • Cannot Detect early warning signs of potential problems
  • Have trouble giving timely feedback
  • Cannot make necessary modifications

Why are you still using a spreadsheet to track your OKRs?

Instantaneous updates

  • With weekly check-ins, you can not only view up-to-the-minute progress, but also increase employee engagement with their quarterly targets.
  • Set company-wide visibility preferences so team members see the OKRs that you want them to see. Promote transparency in your organization.

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Effortless alignment to achieve Goals

  • Align your company behind corporate-level objectives with top-down alignment and view a precise map of how priorities trickle-down through your organization.
  • Let employees inform higher-order goals with bottom-up alignment that allows individual insights to lead company goals.
  • Specify how each department, team, and individual works together with OKR dependencies so every individual knows their impact in your organization.

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Any time you contact a support team via software e-help messenger – you get answers immediately. Human interaction in any situation is really in need of other software I used. I understand that my questions sometimes arise from ignorance; however, the answers are obvious and precise. The software itself helps me to track my team and myself in different situations so that i can keep my focus on daily tasks, not on self checking.

Jokūbas V.

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Source: Capterra

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