Does Profit support bottom-up alignment of OKRs?

Category: General supports the bottom-up alignment of OKRs. While creating OKRs, you can choose which OKRs to align with and view the OKRs from the bottom-up. A good alignment will keep your employees focused on the tasks and key results that are important to the organization.

Why this Feature?

By utilizing this feature, your progress toward your OKRs will be reflected in the objective/key results that you've aligned with.

Step 1

Navigate to the All OKRs page, click on the More icon of the objective and select Align.

Step 2

To align your OKR, a pop-up window will open. You can choose the OKR level and select the OKR. You will have the option to align your OKR with multiple objectives and key results and click on Update to align the OKR. 

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