How do I view the entire organizational structure?

Category: General

With you can see the complete hierarchy of your organization in “Organization hierarchy”. The organization hierarchy is automatically generated based on the reporting structures.

Step 1

Go to Home and click on the Organization Hierarchy from the left navigation panel

Step 2

Opens up your hierarchy details with respect to your reporting manager in the organization.

Step 3

If you have team members below you, you can see them down the tree by clicking on the expand icon

Step 4

We also have the option to view the entire user hierarchy by clicking on “All”

Step 5

Once you click on the All option, you can see the entire user hierarchy in a tree view based on the reporting managers.

By default, My org will be selected which will show you and your team members’ hierarchy

Step 6

You can search by user name from the search box on the top right corner of the page. The result will show the hierarchy of that particular user and their team

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