How to change my Profit account current password?

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If you are looking to change your existing Profit. co account's current password, follow the mentioned steps to change the password instantly.

Why this feature?

IT experts are saying that changing passwords every three months in our official accounts will safeguard us from cyber attacks and hacking threats. allows you to change the passwords of your account at any time as per their privacy and security policies.

Step 1:

Login to your Profit.coaccount.

Step 2:

You will land on the homepage of your account and you will find the main menu to the left of your homepage.


Step 3:

Mouseover on the “Preferences” icon on the main menu. You will find the Preferences’ sub-menu expanding to the right of the main menu.


Step 4:

Click on the  password-icon“Password” icon and you will be directed to the “Change Password” page. Type your existing password in the “Current Password” field and enter the new password in both “New Password” and “Confirm New Password” fields. Change your account’s password by clicking on the “Update” button.


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