I want to add a new priority status to my tasks. How can I do it?

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Profit.co provides predefined priority levels for tasks that can be readily used in an organization. Users can edit the default priority levels and can create new priority levels according to the organization's needs.

Why this Feature?

This feature allows you to customize the priority status for your tasks. By using this feature, you can prioritize tasks by associating them with a priority value. These priorities help users to allocate tasks based on priority.

Note: Only Super Users have access to create or edit the priorities

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → Tasks → Priorities from the left navigation panel. In the Priorities page, click on the Create Priority button to create a new Priority.

Step 2:

In the Create Priority page, enter the name and description of the priority you want to create and select the color code for the priority. Once done, click on Submit.

For instance, let’s create a priority named Urgent with the color code pink.

The newly created priority named Urgent will be added to the Priorities page.

Step 3:

To assign a Priority to your task, Navigate to Tasks → My space → My Tasks from the left navigation panel. In the My Tasks page, click on the Flag icon on the task board to add priority.

You can select the newly added priority named Urgent from the drop-down menu.

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