How can I add users to my organization in

Category: General allows you to add users as a process to meet your business goals by working together as a team in your organization.

Why this feature?

With this feature, you can add users on the active user's page when there is a newly joined employee in your team/organization. You can add their role, job title, grade, department name, and reporting manager name on the active user's page. This feature helps to manage the employees in the organization without any hassles.

Note: The first user who signs up will be the Super user by default.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Settings → User Management → Active user from the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

In the Active Users page, click on the + icon.


Step 3:

Now in the Create User page, fill in the required fields like Personal Information, Department Details, and Profit Access Information by clicking on the Next button at the end of each field.

Once you finish, click on the Create button.


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