How do you schedule Team, Weekly, and Quarterly meetings for Corporate OKRs in ?

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You can now schedule the Team, Weekly and quarterly meetings to discuss the Corporate OKRs in You can schedule three types of meetings for corporate OKRs.

  • Team meetings
  • Weekly progress meetings
  • Quarterly progress meetings

Note: To schedule a meeting you need to first enable the meeting from Settings. Only super users can access settings.

Step 1:

Navigate to Home → Meetings from the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

In the Meetings page, click on the + icon, you will find a drop down with the above-mentioned options.

To learn how to schedule a 1:1 meeting click here.

Meeting Page

Step 3:

For instance, let's create a new meeting.


While selecting the OKRs the corporate OKRs will be shown in a separate category. By adding other information, finally click Schedule.

To learn more about the process of scheduling meetings, click here.

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