How does the Approval flow for Goals work?

Category: General provides an option to create a flow to approve the goals created/edited/deleted by the employees.

Why this feature?

Goals are created in order to monitor and manage the work progress and performance. By Using this workflow approval you can give privilege to the Managers or the team head to approve the goal created by the employees and allow them to use the assigned goals.

Note: Only Super Users can create flow for goals.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Goals from the left navigation panel.

Step 2

In Goals page, Select the Approval Flow tab and Enable the toggle for "Enable Approvals for Create/Edit/Delete Goals." 

After enabling the approval flow, you can set the level of value for the approval in the  Employee’s manager’s level upto a certain number of levels, 

After adding Employee manager levels, you can add Additional Managers for goal approval.

For instance, let’s set the Matrix manager as the additional manager.

Step 3

You can also add Custom List of employees by clicking on the + icon to approve Goals. These employees will be notified when the goal is approved.

Step 4

After you create a goal, click on the Send for Approval button. The selected Manager, Additional managers and Employees present in the custom list will be notified. 

The newly created goal will be added to My Goals page with the status Pending Approval.

Step 5

The goal that is sent for approval will be in the manager’s notification first.

After the approval, it will move to the Matrix Manager.

Finally, the approval goes to the custom list of employees.

After getting all the approvals you can progress the Goal.

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