How does the Approval flow for Goals work?

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Goals are created in order to monitor and manage work progress and performance. provides an option to create a flow to approve the goals created/edited/deleted by the employees.

Note: Only SuperUsers can create flow for goals.

Goal approval happens in two parts.

  • Manager level
  • Custom Level

Step 1:

By default, the toggle for enabling approvals for creating/editing goals will be in the disabled state.

After enabling it you can set the level of value for the approval of the employee manager.

For instance, let’s set the value as one.

After that add the list of employees to whom Approval Notification will be sent.

Click on the search icon to add the employees.

Finally, click Add.


Step 2:

If the selected user creates a new goal, the user will get the option Send for Approval.

Note: If you click on Save as Draft button, it will be present in the Pending Approval section.

Instead of that click on Send for Approval. You will get the status Pending Approval.

Step 3:

The goal that is sent for approval will be in the manager’s notification first.

After the approval, it will move to all the custom lists of employees.

The users present in the list will be getting an approval notification. If anyone approves, the goal will be approved.

After getting approval from any of the users in the custom list, you won't be getting the Pending Approval status.

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