How does the strategic roadmap work in

Category: General now supports the Gantt chart view to see the Themes, Sub-themes, and initiatives in a roadmap dashboard.

Why this feature?

  • The Strategic Roadmap enables organizations to initiate and manage projects and demonstrate how well they complement the business strategy.
  • The Roadmap dashboard will help the strategic team to have a graphical view of the strategic initiatives.
  • The roadmap dashboard also allows you to view the visual representation of the strategy based on periods like a month, quarter, or year.

Step 1:

Navigate to Strategy→ Roadmap from the left navigation panel.

Step 2:

On the Roadmap page, click on the Add icon to create a new Roadmap.

On the Create Roadmap panel, give the Roadmap Name and Description.

Select the Access List if you want to set the visibility for specific users for the Roadmap.

Note: Only the User in the access list will be able to view the Roadmap.

Step 3:

After creating the roadmap, click on the Create Theme button to create a new theme.

Step 4:

In the Create theme panel, provide the Theme Name and Description. Once done, click on Create.

You can also create a new Sub-theme inside the theme. Once done, click Enter.

Step 5:

In the Create theme panel, provide the Theme Name and Description. Finally, click on Create.

Step 6:

In the Sub-theme, click on the + icon to Create Initiatives.

You can also select existing Initiatives from the drop-down menu, and finally, click on Update.

Note: In Settings, users added to the Who can define Initiatives list can now add Initiatives to the Roadmap.

Step 7:

The Initiatives will be listed under the sub-theme of the Roadmap. The helpful bridge between planning and executing roadmaps aids organizations in visualizing results by allowing them to rapidly discover hazards and bottlenecks.

Note: The Initiatives will be displayed alphabetically under the sub-theme. 

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