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Category: General now supports the Gantt chart view to see the Themes, Sub-themes, and initiatives in a roadmap dashboard.

Why this feature?

  • The Strategic Roadmap enables organizations to initiate and manage projects and demonstrate how well they complement the business strategy.
  • The Roadmap dashboard will help the strategic team to have a graphical view of the strategic initiatives.
  • The roadmap dashboard also allows you to view the visual representation of the strategy based on periods like a month, quarter, or year.

Step 1

Navigate to Strategy→ Roadmap from the left navigation panel.


Step 2

On the Roadmap page, click on the Add icon to create a new Roadmap.

On the Create Roadmap panel, give the Roadmap a Name and Description.

Select the Access List if you want to set the visibility for specific users for the Roadmap.

Note: Only the User in the access list will be able to view the Roadmap.


Step 3

After creating the roadmap, click on the Create Theme button to create a new theme.


Step 4

In the Create theme panel, provide the Theme Name and Description. Once done, click on Create.


You can also create a new sub-theme inside the theme. Once done, click Enter.


Step 4

In the Create theme panel, provide the Theme Name and Description. Finally, click on Create.


Step 5

In the Sub-theme, click on the + icon to Create Initiatives.

Create Initiatives

You can also select existing Initiatives from the drop-down menu, and finally, click on Update.

Note: In Settings, users added to the Who can define Initiatives list can now add Initiatives to the Roadmap.

Update theme

Step 6

The Initiatives will be listed under the sub-theme of the Roadmap. The helpful bridge between planning and executing roadmaps aids organizations in visualizing results by allowing them to rapidly discover hazards and bottlenecks.


Note: The Initiatives will be displayed alphabetically under the sub-theme.

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