What are the pricing plans available in Profit.co? And how to download payment receipts?

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Profit.co provides you with three pricing plans in the Billing option and also allows you to download your payment receipts.

Why this feature?

Profit.co offers 3 types of pricing plans like Startup, Growth, and Enterprise. Based on your requirements you can choose among these plans.


Let’s see how to upgrade to plans:

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Billing from the left navigation panel.


Step 2

In the Billing page, click on the Upgrade from Trial button.


Step 3

Once you click on the Upgrade From Trial button, a side panel will open. Now select the period of your new plan, like Monthly or Annual. Once you select, click Next.


Here, it is upgraded to the Growth plan and the Annual period is selected.

Step 4

Here in stage 2, under How many users do you want? section, you have to fill in the details of the number of licenses you want. Once you add the numbers click Next.


Step 5

In stage 3, under What is the billing address? section, fill in the details of the billing address and click Next.


Step 6

In Stage 4, under the Provide Card Details section,add the details of your card to pay for the upgraded plan. Once you add the details, click on the Pay Now button.


Step 7

Once the payment is made, it will be displayed in the Billing History table, where you can download the receipt. The billing history table also shows the list of plans that you have used so far.

Clicking on the Download button will download the payment receipt for your reference.


Step 8

To change your plan from the existing plan, just click on the Change Plan button on the Billing page.


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