What is the focus area in strategy options? How to define users and create focus areas in Profit.co?

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The focus area will contribute to the growth of the company and give a clear vision of the goals so that progress can be assessed.

Why this feature?

  • Strategic Focus Areas help the management to process specific missions of the organization. 
  • It helps in achieving the business target and gives a clear direction of the goals so that progress can be measured easily. You can customize and can link focus areas with Directives and Priorities.

Note: Only Super Users can define users to create Focus Areas.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Strategy → Focus Areas from the left navigation panel.

On the Focus areas page, enable the Focus Areas toggle. Once enabled you will see the Who can define section, click on the search icon and select the names of the ones whom you want to authorize to define the focus area.

Note: You can also manage and customize your focus area layout using the Master Layout option.

Step 2

Now you can create a Focus area by navigating to the Strategy → Focus Area from the left navigation panel.

Click on the + icon to create a Focus Area.

In the Create Focus Area page, fill in the necessary details and click on Create.

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