How do you authorize the connector in salesforce?

Category: KPIs provides an option to enable the connector that helps users to access Salesforce. Users can create, edit, and share Salesforce KPIs and work with others on shared projects, in real time.

Why this feature?

  • This feature enables the users to integrate Salesforce with their accounts and automate their Key results progress.
  • Users can authorize the connector and create KPIs for salesforce that aid in managing their OKRs methodically.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings from the left navigation panel.

Click on Integrations, On the Connectors page, Select the Business Level tab and click on the Salesforce Manage button.

Step 2

Click on the Sign in to Salesforce button from the Connect to Salesforce to update the progress option.

Step 3

You will be directed to the Salesforce Login page.

Step 4

Once you sign in successfully, you can use the Salesforce account. 

In the Manage Salesforce Connection page,  you create new KPIs or work with pre-defined KPIs. 

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