How can I create my team in

Category: OKRs allows users to create teams in an organization.

Why this Feature?

Teamwork in an organization improves morale and increases productivity. allows you to create various cross-functional teams to facilitate collaboration and achieve goals.

Note: Only Super Users have access to create teams.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Teams from the left navigation menu.

Step 2

On the Team’s page, scroll down to Team List and click on the Create button to create your new team.

Enable the Private teams if you want to restrict the visibility of your team.

Note: Private teams option will be available for the Enterprise Plan.

Step 3

In the Create Team side panel, Enter your Team Name, Email and add your team members and team leads and enable the Private team option and click on Create.

Step 4

Navigate to all my OKRs page to create OKRs for your team. Select the team and click on the + icon to create objective and key results.

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