How can I create my team in Profit?

Category: OKRs

This answer guide walks you through the steps to create a new team in Profit.

You need to be a superuser to do this activity and organization setup should be completed prior to this activity.

Step 1:

Select Settings → Teams from the left navigation menu.

Step 2:

You will be directed to the Teams page, which lists the existing teams in the organization. Click on the Create button to create your new team.

A form will open where you will be prompted to enter your Team Information and Employee Details

Say for example, you are creating a new team Sales, with 4 employees

  • Enter the Team Name - SalesTeam
  • Enter Email -

create teams

  • Clicking on the lens icon, will open the employee list.

Search team

  • Select the employees Alice Mills, Kelly Walter, Scott Cruz, and Sara Salazar and click the Add button. The selected 4 employees will be added to the team.

employee details

Now click Create to finish creating the team. Your Sales Team is now created and can be viewed in the list.

sales team

# of Employees column shows the number of employees added to the team.

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