How do grouping key results work in

Category: OKRs provides an option to group the Key Results in a list view based on the time period and completion status.

Why this Feature?

  • The users can view their past/future key results in a single view for the objectives created annually.
  • This classification enables employees to save time while navigating to their past and future key results.
  • To be focused on the live key results

Step 1

Navigate to the All My OKRs page and select the Marketing Department OKRs.

The Marketing team has created an annual Objective and Key Results for all the quarters planning ahead.

Let’s consider that in Q3 the department head wishes to take a look at the progress of key results created in Q2.

Earlier employees used the Period filter to navigate to past OKRs as shown in the below image. 

The newly updated version displays the Past, and Future KRs and also the Completed KRs of the current quarter.

The Completed key results include all the completed key results for the current period.

The Future key results include all the upcoming key results that are beyond the selected period.

The Past key results include all the key results that are prior to the selected periods. 

Notes: When you enable the toggle to show OKRs/KRs that fully overlap the selected periods the key results which are present in the current quarter will only appear in the list view.

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