How do I add Key Results to a team OKR?

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A User must be a member of a team to add Key Results to a team OKR. Unless the User is added as a team member, they won’t have access to My Team’s OKRs Tab under OKRs in the main menu.

To add Key Results to the team OKR,

Step 1:

Click OKRs >> My Teams’ OKRs in the left navigation panel.

Step 2:

Click on the Team you wish to view.

Step 3:

OKRs of the Quality Assurance team is displayed. Click on the [+] icon to enable creating Key Result via Quick Create.

If you want to create Key Results using the Step-by-Step guide, click on the Step-by-Step guide.

Step 4:

What do you want to do?

There are 6 types of Key Results:

Four actions to measure key results and two actions to track key results. Through measurable KR you can measure using a KPI.

Percentage Tracked

You intend to track progress in percentage and the completion  will be in %

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Milestone Tracked

You are trying to get something done that is not measurable by a KPI. It’s more like a series of milestones that you want to track against.

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Baseline KPI

You don’t have a clear idea about the value of a KPI and want to establish a baseline

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Increase KPI

You intend to increase the value of a KPI.

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Decrease KPI

You intend to decrease the value of a KPI

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Control KPI

You intend to maintain the value of this KPI in a certain range

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Select any one of the actions and click the Next button.

Step 5:

What do you want to change?

Select the required KPI for the Key Result by the category or by your managers’ KPIs and click the Next button.

If the required KPI is not available in the predefined list, click on Create KPI to create a custom KPI.

Note: Custom KPIs can be created by Super Users and Profit Managers only.

Step 6:

What is the extent of the change?

Here, you need to enter the initial and final values. For example: Increase Customer Satisfaction Score from 60 to 80.

Select any one option, enter the values and click the Next button.

Step 7:

When does your Key Result need to be accomplished?

You can set the deadline against which you plan to achieve the Key Result. Use the arrows to move to the next or previous financial year timeline. Click the Next button.

Step 8:

Any other context you want to add?

You can edit the name of the Key Result and add descriptive (Context) note to the Key Result, for better understanding and is not mandatory. Click the Next button.

Step 9:

How often do you want to update status?

Choose the required check-in frequency by clicking on the Select button.

Note: Multiple check-ins can also be selected.

Click on the Complete button to create the Key Result.

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