How do I award my peers as part of employee engagement?

Category: OKRs helps you to award employees as a token of appreciating their efforts towards achieving the goals of the organization.

Why this Feature?

By using this feature you can boost their performance and embolden them, this award segment can be used to grant laurels to your employees.

Step 1

Go to Home→ Newsfeed from the left navigation panel.


At the right side of the bottom, you will find the list of OKRs mentioned. In that select From My teams and you will find the list of check-ins performed by your teammates. You will find an Award option beneath the selected keyword.

For instance, Let’s say David Griffin wants to award Mary Cynthia for her progressive check-ins.


Step 2

As there will be award options in every Key Result, click on and select an award based on the progress. Once you select the award, the points for the selected awards will be subtracted from the monthly quota points of David Griffin.

Here you can see David Griffin has awarded Mary Cynthia with Silver.

Mary Cynthia

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