How do I check-in for Key Results?

Category: OKRs allows you to report your progress on your key results at different OKR levels. You will be required to fill in the below details to complete your check-in:

  • Progress of the key result
  • Status: indicates your confidence level in achieving the target
  • Comments (optional)

Step 1

Go to OKRs and click on All My OKRs/My Individuals OKRs/My Departments’ OKRs/My Teams’ OKRs from the left navigation panel

Step 2

Shows your OKRs lists in which you can see the progress bar against each Key Results.

OKRs lists

Step 3

When you click on the progress bar of any Key Result, a side panel will open in which you can provide three types of details for the progress of the Key Result

  • Progress value
  • Status of the Key Result
  • Comments

OKRs lists side panel

Step 4

Once you add the progress details in the given field, you can click on the Update button which will be displayed on the bottom of the side panel. Also, you can make progress for any of your Key Results through its view page.

Step 5

Click on the View icon on any of your Key Results from the OKR list page

Step 6

Opens the Overview page of that Key Result. You can see several tabs on the top of the Overview page. Click on the Check-ins tab


Step 7

Below the chart will show you the details for check-in on planned vs actual progress charts and check-in history with the filter options (On-time, Missed, Late)

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