How do I create a key result from the KR backlog?

Category: OKRs has come up with an incredible feature called KR Backlog where you can save the key results that you might be using in the future. Also, you can connect the created key results to the existing objectives. The connected key result will be added to the current quarter with the percentage tracked key results type by default. If you want, you can edit the key result type later.

Step 1:

Navigate to KR backlog in the universal navigation menu bar.

KR backlog

Step 2:

Once you create key results and save, click on the Objective icon, to link the KR to the existing Objectives.


Step 3:

Select the objective to which you want to connect your key results.

key result

Step 4:

The connected key results will be added as key results to the selected OKR.


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