How do I create a team objective instantly?

Category: OKRs

Profit allows user to create objective using:

To create a team objective, you must be associated with the team. Refer to this guide to create new teams in Profit.

Notes: You must be a member of the team to create team objectives.

Step 1:

Let’s say, you are a part of the sales team and want to create an OKR for the team using Quick Create.

Login to your profit account.

From the left navigation panel, select OKRs → My Teams’ OKRs → Sales.

Navigation → OKRs → Teams OKRs

You will be directed to the My Teams’ OKRs page.

My Team OKRs

Step 2:

Click on the Create OKR button and select Quick Create from the dropdown.

Select quick create

Add a new Objective field will appear below the status and target date filter.

Quick Create form

Let’s say you are creating an objective - Increase Recurring Revenue and your target to accomplish it is by Q3-2020.

  • Enter the objective name Increase Recurring Revenue in the Add a new Objective field.
  • Press Enter.

Increase recurring revenue in Quick create form

Your objective - Increase Recurring Revenue is created.

Objective created

Click the caret icon caret next to the target period. A calendar widget will pop.

Select the period Q3-2020.

Select Target date

Your target period is set.

You can align this team objective to a higher-level objective. (This step is optional.)

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