How do I create a team Objective?

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A User must be a member of a team to create an Objective. Unless the User is added as a team member, they won’t have access to My Team’s OKRs Tab under OKRs in the main menu. To create a Team OKR,

Step 1:

Click OKRs >> My Teams’ OKRs in the left navigation panel.

Step 2:

Click on the Team you belong to.

Step 3:

OKRs of the Quality Assurance Team are displayed. Click on the Create OKR button.

Step 4:

Choose between the Quick create or Step by step guide method.

Quick create or Step by step guide

Step 5: Quick Create

Enter the Objective name and press the Enter key to create the objective. Eg., Improve Product Quality.

Quick Create

Note: The target date for the Objective is automatically set quarterly.

Step 6: Step-by-step guide

You can create an Objective of your own or by using templates.

i) Create New

Click the Create New button. Enter your objective in What do you want to achieve, as below.

A few Objective examples are listed for your reference. Click on an example and it will be added as your objective. You can edit the selected example to suit your requirements.

You can add descriptive (Context) notes to the Objective, for better understanding and is not mandatory.

ii) Create from Template

Click Create from Template button.

create from template

A list of template Objectives appears; Choose the desired Objective and click on the Next button.

Please use Settings >> OKRs >> Templates for details on how to add and manage objective templates.

Step 7: Target Date

You can set the deadline against which you plan to achieve the objective. Use the arrows to move to the next or previous financial year timeline, as below. For example, Select Q1 2020.

Target Date

Click on the Next button.

Step 8: Alignment

This is aligning with your upper level. Here, you can align the team OKR with Corporate OKRs or departmental OKRs and is not mandatory.

Corporate OKRs:

Corporate OKRs set by the corporate heads are displayed here.


Click the alignment icon to align the departmental OKR with Corporate OKR.

Departmental OKRs:

Departmental OKRs set by the departmental heads are displayed here.

Departmental OKR

Selected OKRs:

KRs you have selected for aligning are displayed here.

Select KRs

Clicking on the alignment icon will deselect the selected OKRs. Click on the Next button to create an Objective.

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