How do I create notes for a key result?

Category: OKRs allows users to add notes for the key result(s). Anyone who has access to the key result(s) can create Notes.

Why this feature?

By adding notes we can share and maintain a record of information among the key result assignees and others.

Step 1

Hover your cursor on the key result and click on Notes as shown in the below image. Click on the Notes tab and click on the + icon to add/create Notes.

You can also restrict visibility to your Notes by enabling the privacy options in settings.

How to restrict visibility to Notes?

Navigate to Settings → Notes → Security in the left navigation bar. 

Enable the toggles for enabling the private notes.

Note: Only Super Users can enable the Private Notes.

Once the private notes toggle is enabled, the user will get a toggle while creating notes, as shown below.

You can also select the users and make the notes visible to them.

What is the purpose of enabling the toggle “Sync Notes in Assigned Key Result”?

By enabling the toggle “Sync Notes in Assigned Key Result” we can view the notes in the key results which have been assigned to another department or team.

For instance, if there is a key result assigned to a different team from a Corporate OKR. And if a CEO adds a note, it will sync automatically.  The added note can also be seen in the department side.

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